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Plans are necessary steps to achieve goals. Goals must be written to be realized. This includes financial goals. If they are not written, they are not clear. This can be a daunting task. Life’s changing circumstances and market fluctuations can make the process of developing a financial plan intimidating. Leaders Financial Group’s role as your financial advisor is to take the confusion and intimidation out of planning your financial future.


The plan is to give you the best possible advice based on a thorough knowledge of your financial goals and objectives. This takes dedication, commitment and trust. Developing this trust, along with a long-term committed working relationship, are the keys to our financial planning approach.

Together we will examine the key areas you will need to consider, such as: current savings, savings trends, number of years until retirement, additional income sources, desired income at retirement, and risk tolerance.

We can then gain a better understanding of your unique investment personality as well as your financial strengths and weaknesses. An analysis of your existing situation and a formal financial plan will then be prepared and tailored specifically to your needs. We will review your financial plan regularly for progress, reassess your goals, and make the necessary changes to ensure success.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement investment is solving the equation of living the next 30-40 years without a paycheck and not running out of money or income in the process.

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Wealth Managment & Investment Planning

You worked hard for your assets. Now they can work for you.

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Retirement Tax Planning

Rising taxes may be a concern for anyone — especially for individuals approaching retirement. Having a solid strategy in place for how you will pay taxes on your retirement income can be an important component to living on a fixed income and avoiding surprises come tax time.

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Estate Preservation

Estate planning is simply determining (while you’re still alive) where your assets should go after you die. Without a properly structured estate plan, your wishes may not be fulfilled, and there may be unintended consequences for your loved ones.

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Asset Protection

You’ve got plans — a lot of them. Wouldn’t it be more fun to focus on your dreams than constantly worry about what the market’s doing?

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